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Kanto App - Army, Navy, Air Force by Minister-of-Defense Kanto App - Army, Navy, Air Force by Minister-of-Defense
Application for Army / Air force / Navy for Kanto.
Download for blank and photoshop version is to the right, with the button that says 'download'

Notes about making an application:

• Check out the demo app for help: [link]
• The key is to create a interesting, unique, and believable character.
• What are your character's motives for joining the war? Do they have an opinion on the war? What do they think about Pokemon as a weapon?
• Possible Kanto partner countries your character can be from: Kanto, Fiore, Sinnoh, Oblivia, Unova (keep in mind Unova is torn about which country to side with at this point.)
• If your character is from the opposite country in the war, please state why they are fighting for Kanto.
• Choose your pokemon from here: [link]
• Keep in mind their experience with pokemon must be limited, as pokemon were often feared by the public until the recent invention of the pokeball.
• Age limit: 16 - 70 NO WIPPER SNAPPERS IN THIS WAR.
• Both men and woman are allowed to enlist.
• No automated weapons. Only weapons allowed: hunting knife, spade. Other weapons will be provided to your character throughout the rounds.
• Your character is allowed to bring a few items, within reason. They couldn't of packed a walmart in their bag, so don't bother.
• Keep items period specific. Science and Research Mods will help you if you get stuck.
• Uniform colours for Kanto are 'warm' colours (red, yellow, orange, etc.)
• Be creative with the uniform, but also try to keep it period specific.
• [link] and [link] are great resources and will give you ideas for making your uniform.
• ~A-n-t-e-n-o-r-A also found this excellent resource: [link]
• Keep information PG13 to Mature.
• Humans only please. Technology or genetics hasn't come far enough to have furries.
• No nazi chainsaw wielding maniacs in rave sticks. I will throw you out a window otherwise.

Your Pokemon:

You may only choose 1 pokemon, from the list provided. Please refer to the list's details what you can and can't do with your first pokemon.

• Consider your pokemon has just only been with your soldier for a matter of weeks. What is their temperament? How does their new trainer act around them?
• Has your soldier given them anything that makes them distinguishable? IE: Armor?

Information to fill out in the comments:

Military Faction: (Navy, Air force or Army)
Extra items:




Name | Species | Nature | Ability |Gender:
Pokemon bio / personality:
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November 4, 2011
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